Annual Hunt Spring Hunt

 Held At Golden Sands Beach On June 6th, 2009. 

On June 6th we had our beach hunt at Golden Sands Beach. Everyone started arriving around 9:00Am. The hunt started around 10:00Am.

We had 27 members in attendance and 18 hunted. Of the hunters, 4 were new members. Great turnout.

Mitch King planted a football size field, with 1001 token, 50 SILVER Dimes and 2 SILVER Halves. Also there were 3 special tokens for the top prizes. One token was for a REALE (Won by Marry Mcgee and Jacky Didier) and the others were for Sand Scoops. (Won by Frank Rothery and Neil Normado). Frank Hansen came in first place with a meager 127 tokens.. He had first choice of prizes. Everyone won something. Mitch brought some great prizes including a $2.00 Dollar proof. That was donated to the club by him. Plus Hats, t-shirts and other gear.

There was plenty of food thanks to everyone. Mike and Louanne once again came through for us with the drinks. And a special thanks to Ann Pocowski for picking up our chicken.

The day ended around 1:00Pm. And everyone seemed to have a great time.

















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